Not All Self-Fusing Tapes are Made For Every Situation

With hundreds of different tapes/wraps on the market, it may seem like all of them were created for the same purpose.
However, this is where Fuseall 'ascends the throne.' Fuseall™ is lab-tested, consumer-trusted, and made with high quality materials that
were meant to last even in the toughest of conditions; a true every-purpose wrap.

Product Features

The Basics

- Fuseall™ comes in many different colors, including dark grey, light blue, bright yellow, and our special white which glows in the dark!
- The density, g/cc is 0.55 - 1.00 using the unique Fuseall™ sponge patent
- The bond strength 2.95 lb/in
- The tear strength is 38 lb/in
- The thickness is 1.5 inches
- Fuseall™ absorbs very little water, is twice as buoyant as other self-fusing tapes, and does exceptionally well in the extremes of temperatures.

Fuseall Buoyancy
Fuseall Low Density

Convenient, Handy, Foolproof

- Fuseall™ comes packaged in a lightweight, aluminum tin that can be re-used.
- Adjustments can be made on-the-go with a quick cut for precise measurements and unlimited opportunities.
- Fuseall™ can be applied to almost any surface as long as it can 'fuse' to itself.
- For nighttime applications, Fuseall™ can even glow-in-the-dark.
- Provides a superior grip on any surface
- Can be used indoors or outdoors
- Doesn't lose color, or "fade" over time

Fuseall - The Every-Purpose Wrap
Fuseall Outdoor Uses

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