Fuseall - The Every-Purpose Wrap arrow_downwardSEE MORE LEARN MOREarrow_forward or Self-Amalgamating silicone wrap on the market. Fuseall™ is the ONLY (Patent Pending) Low Density Sponge, Self-Fusing, FUSEALL™ Fuseall Outdoor Uses a soft, tactile response make Fuseall™ the perfect wrap for any situation. Fuseall's non-adhesive system will bond to itself without the need of secondary adhesives. THE EVERY-PURPOSE WRAP arrow_downwardSEE MORE LEARN MOREarrow_forward Providing excellent thermal properties, vibration isolation, electrical insulation, and Fuseall Production EXTRAORDINARY PROPERTIES Fuseall™ can also insulate and isolate substrates from hot or cold temperatures, vibration and can add buoyancy to any implement. arrow_downwardSEE MORE LEARN MOREarrow_forward





The Every Purpose Wrap

Wrap For Any Situation

Fuseall™ is not just another 'tape' product. Boasting many unique properties, this silicone wrap will fuse to itself for all of your needs. With hundreds of potential applications, Fuseall™ can be used for almost any recreational, commercial, and industrial situation. Due to it's widespread convenience, even the military could utilize the technology instilled within this revolutionary product.

Fuseall Tape Wrap

Tactile Feel, Extreme Application

Unlike other fusion tapes on the market, Fuseall™ is made from low density, 'sponge' silicone formulated specifically for extreme temperature applications. Our products are easy to use and will not leave sticky residue on the object of which you choose, making our products useful across many industries. Fuseall™ can increase working efficiency by insulating and protecting electrical wires, wrapping firearms and accessories for a secure grip, while creating a safer environment with it’s non-adhesive system. Our products are easy to use, made to withstand any type of weather condition, and get the job done right the first time!

Fuseall Production

Featured Products

General Purpose

High Temperature

Flame Retardant

Glow In The Dark

They Said It Was Impossible...

The First Low Density Self-Fusing Wrap

Fuseall™ Features and Benefits:

- Non-Adhesive System
- Low Thermal Conductivity
- Highly Insulating against heat

- Soft Tactical Response
- Prevents Heat Loss
- Lightweight and Buoyant

- Water Resistant
- Vibration Isolation
- Low Emissivity